Check Out “The Walk,” the New Fitness ARG from the Makers of “Zombies, Run!”

About a year ago, we reviewed “Zombies, Run!,” a fitness-inspired Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for Apple and Android devices, from UK developer Six to Start. “Zombies, Run!” was a revolutionary way to turn everything from 30-minute jogs to full marathons into a battle for survival against the zombie hordes.  The game has been an explosive hit, boasting 750,000 downloads, and the team behind the game is still releasing new missions and content.

Last week, Six to Start released “The Walk,” an all-new ARG that targets the walking-for-fitness market. Players in “The Walk” take the role of “Walker” (har, har), a character who is trying to deliver a mysterious package that can save the world, and must walk the length of – we’re not kidding – the entire United Kingdom, avoiding enemy agents and obstacles to do it. New episodes are unlocked as distance goals are met, and the app adjusts to your activity level to really keep pushing your limits.

At launch, the app consists of 65 episodes and 800 minutes of narrative content.  If true to form, Six to Start will have more content out by the time anyone gets through the game as it is.

The Walk is available for Android and iOS devices, and is on sale this week for $3.99.


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